Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Returning with confidence?

I've had a break from blogging over the summer, just like the kids have had a break from school. And returning to it, I'm not sure where to start or whether anyone is interested anyway. Maybe I'm having a crisis of confidence. A bit like my children at the start of a new term.

A new class, a new teacher, friends they haven't seen for 6 weeks - relationships change, and there's excitement about what the new term will bring, but also worries too. Worries about the challenges, both academic and social, that the new year will bring. Most children will have days when they are reluctant to go to school, whether that be the start of a new term, or just a tired Monday morning when a difficult week stretches ahead, and it's not easy to inject them with the confidence and love of school that we wish they'd always feel.

Whether your child bounced out of bed and raced to the school gate on that first day back, or whether they dragged their heels and clung to you for an extra moment for the goodbye hug, they all have to go in and face the day. Alleviate their worries by talking to them about what will happen in their new class and asking what their new teacher is like, stressing that some things are the same and that change can be positive; be organised and make sure they have everything they need for school so they don't have the worry of forgetting something or being unprepared; smile yourself and show outwardly that you are confident and happy and they will feel better. All these things and more will help your children to cope with the wobbles a new term, or even a new day can bring. And if you are lucky enough to have children who never worry about anything, count your blessings and enjoy it.

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